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Pulsoid Integration

Pulsoid is here to get your heart racing with our new integration that will literally allow your lights to react to the same rate as your heart. This will give a whole new meaning to jump scares while playing games.

The basic alerts will change the color of your lights based on the rate of your heart, but Lumia Stream is capable of much more! You can play sounds, send a message with chat bot, trigger OBS, change your voice, and so much more. Some ideas for this could be when your heart rate reaches 100 with Pulsoid, you can have Lumia Stream trigger an alert that sends a message to chat saying "It's scare time", change your voice using Lumia's Voicemod integration, play the John Carpenter's Halloween song, and trigger a red filter in OBS. Long story short, the possibilities are endless.

Connect to Pulsoid in Lumia Stream and then visit to get started today!

Pulsoid Heart Rate detection

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Trigger an alert, turn on Heart Rate Sync, and so much more. Check out everything else our intuitive Lumia Stream Studio features.

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